Brian's Toys: Tarkin Wave, eFX Vader Helmet

By Mike — Friday, June 15, 2012

From our sponsors at Brian's Toys: Vintage-Style Wave 13 (the set has Starkiller, Shae Vizla, Oddball, General Tarkin, and Nikto) has landed at Brian's Toys. The case came packed with Darth Malgus, so there may be a few of him in stock as well.

A Darth Vader Legend Edition Helmet from eFX has also been acquired.  This Helmet is limited to 250, and differs from it's Limited Edition counterpart because it retains the dings and scrapes from the original movie helmet prop.  The Limited Edition has those defects removed.  This piece was made to be rare and is currently home to about 249 collectors.

Brian's Toys has also been receiving large shipments of older discontinued Star Wars toys from action figures to vehicles to even Master Replicas!  Visit the site and check out as many sections as you can, because it seems like every action figure imaginable has been restocked! Click through to or go to for the newsletter.