Another Season 4 Clone Wars Video from Wondercon

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, April 3, 2011

More new Clone Troopers and all sorts of craziness can be seen in this new 30-second spot shown to fans at Wondercon over the weekend.  Since my crack research team tells me that, statistically, you were not likely to be there, you may wish to see it. posted the real deal, complete with what seems to be a fight between General Grievous and an unidentified Gungan.  In the great words of a movie poster from days gone by, "whoever wins, we lose."  Click here to check it out.


Looks like Dex the diner guy from episode II is a jedi, or at least one of his species is! I'd bet the farm that it is Admiral Ackbar that we see in these clips. The first trailer showed Aqua droids swimming with Quarren warriors, reminds me of the original Clone Wars Kit Fisto episode!


Thankfully, they showed Kit Fisto in the Wondercon trailer. I already made a pact, that if he was not going to be in the fourth season, that I would be finished with Clone Wars. Low and behold, he will be in that underwater episode. Cannot wait for next season now, and hopefully a new Fisto figure or two.