Amazon Slave I Arriving - How's Your Box?

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, August 12, 2013

A few of you have written in because your Amazon Exclusive The Vintage Collection Boba Fett's Slave I vehicle has arrived! But here's the thing - some of them are showing up in a nice Hasbro-made white mailer box, and others, well, aren't.

UPDATE: I added some comments about an errant spring and how you can fix it with a pen and a screwdriver and just a dash of gumption.

For those of you that haven't snagged one, the item is a 20-inch long vehicle repainted from the 2010 The Clone Wars Rise of Boba Fett Ultimate Battle Pack, which was $109.99 at Toys R Us.  (It's about $120 on Amazon today.)

It includes 2 sonic bombs, a Carbonite block modeled after the 2006 figure's mold, 2 spring-loaded launching rockets, and seating for 3.   My sample may have a wing problem - let me know how yours turned out, as my wings won't stay in "flight" mode when oriented as such. UPDATE: I'll post some pictures later, but this is a manufacturing defect in the sourcing of a spring.  The base of the vehicle must be unscrewed to reveal a spring inside a switch, which is too think and too strong to allow the vehicles to orient themselves in flight mode.  You can steal a small spring out of a click pen (the kind you steal from conventions, trade shows, and banks) and cut it down to fit, and now everything works fine.

  Anyway, here's what I got - it was dropped off by the USPS this morning via Amazon Prime.  The internal vintage box was in great shape and the outer white box had a couple of dings.  I did not select for it to be sent as a gift.

2427 2428

Here's what reader Timothy got - his was delivered by UPS, a different delivery method.  He also had Amazon Prime.  He refused delivery and the UPS man took it back.


What did you get?  Let us know, or post on the forums!