Walmart Exclusive Black Series Star Wars 3 3/4-Inch In Stores Now, Maybe

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, September 27, 2015

2936 That first trio of The Black Series 3 3/4-inch action figures are hitting Walmarts now - that's the good news.  I spied two of them personally yesterday, neither of which seem to be significantly altered from previous releases.

Each figure is $12.93, and comes boxed.   Darth Vader is a repack of the classic 500th Darth Vader mold, and now we know the dome is not glued down - the sample I saw was floating around freely in the box, the figure loose and the helmet wedged down below.   Chewbacca appears to be a repack of the 2004 Original Trilogy Collection Vintage figure, which was $9.99 (and cheaper) and also repacked several times since then.  I was not able to confirm if Luke has any changes, as he was not available at the stores I examined.

While you as a completist will need to decide if these are for you, I'll most likely not be purchasing this round as I just can't really justify buying unchanged figures in new boxes - but if you eagle-eyed readers spied a change I missed, please let me know.  We want to be right rather than happy.

As always, the pictures come to your courtesy of Nintendo's 2DS cameras.  For better pictures, I suppose I'll need to put out a "donate" button because I still don't carry a phone, let alone one with a camera.

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