Walmart DTF Battle Packs BACK ONLINE!!!

By Mike — Thursday, March 22, 2012

 The Walmart Discover The Force exclusive Royal Starship Droids and  Mos Espa Arena Battle Packs are now BACK available online at for $24.96 each! Save time, gas and shipping and choose Site to Store to have it delivered to your local Walmart! Hurry before they're gone!





...aaaand the Astromechs are

...aaaand the Astromechs are sold out again already. That didn't take long, maybe 40 minutes?

This signals the chance that

This signals the chance that a second shipment may be hitting stores.

Or it could be a tiny amount

Or it could be a tiny amount of CS stock held back for returns/exchanges and the inventory is still... "in the system" somewhere. I'm only pessimistic because of all the recent Wal-Clearances I'm seeing locally on vehicles, Battle Packs, etc. I only bring up the CS stock because Matty does it and sometimes it goes realllllly quick since it's a small quantity. (I have no idea how runs the mothership.)