TOY PALACE NL#44: Last Week for FREE Gift and New Gentle Giant

By Mike — Friday, December 17, 2010

New IN STOCK items and pre-orders from our sponsors at TOY PALACE, including new Gentle Giant and the latest Clone Wars assortment. The FREE Gift promo runs through December 24th for all IN STOCK orders!



Toypalace Newsletter Newsletter #44 - 17/12/2010


Below you will find the latest products which came in or were added for pre-order within the last 7 days.


Please remember: Our FREE GIFT Promotion is running until Friday the 24.12.2010.  Don't forget to choose your free gift according to your ordered in-stock amount of goods.  SHIPPING UPDATE: Our last shipping day will be the 23rd of December. We will be back next year Monday the 3rd of January.


We wish you all a very nice start into the week with our latest product news.

selected IN-STOCK items sorted by manufacturer
EV Zuckuss Mini Bust 19 cm
Item No.:GG078   
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant   
Availability:in stockPrice: 34,90 EUR
Star Wars Mini Bust 1:6 Lando Calrissian 17 cm
Item No.:GG80031   
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant   
Availability:in stockPrice: 49,90 EUR
Animated Luke Skywalker Pilot Maquette
Item No.:GG074   
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant   
Availability:in stockPrice: 44,90 EUR
Animated Maquette Slave Leia & Salacious 22 cm
Item No.:GG10629   
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant   
Availability:in stockPrice: 79,90 EUR
TCW Clone Wars Figure Asst. Wave 5-2010 (12 pcs.)
Item No.:94736-5C   
Availability:in stockPrice: 139,90 EUR
Michael Jackson Büste Thriller Ultra Limited Edt.
Item No.:INST43021   
Manufacturer:Infinite Statue   
Availability:in stockPrice: 199,00 EUR
HALO 3 - Master Chief ARTFX Statue 11.75 inch
Item No.:KOTOHALO   
Availability:in stockPrice: instead 95,00 EUR
only 69,00 EUR
Der Exorzist Dlxe Deluxe Box Set Regan on Bed 18cm
Item No.:NECA60735   
Availability:in stockPrice: 34,90 EUR
Gizmo Plush Figure- Gremlins - Smiling Version
Item No.:NECA30604   
Availability:in stockPrice: 10,90 EUR
Gremlins 12" 30cm Roto-Cast Actionfigur
Item No.:NECA30618   
Availability:in stockPrice: 32,90 EUR
Supreme Edt. Stormtrooper Costume Std (L)
Item No.:RU909866   
Availability:in stockPrice: 949,00 EUR
Street Fighter Statues SSF Cammy & Alpha 25 cm (2)
Item No.:SOTA0114   
Availability:in stockPrice: 178,90 EUR
WOTC Star Wars Galaxy at War Booster Pack
Item No.:WOC219850   
Manufacturer:Wizards of the Coast   
Availability:in stockPrice: 10,90 EUR
Sci-Fi Fig. Gallery R.Y. Starship Troopers Variant
Item No.:YAM348226   
Availability:in stockPrice: 129,90 EUR

As every year...

... Santa Cody brings us ...

New Products for Pre-Order sorted by manufacturer
Star Wars Spiral Musical Notebook A New Hope
Item No.:SW27016   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 12,90 EUR
Star Wars Musical Notebook A New Hope
Item No.:SW27014   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 12,90 EUR
Star Wars Spiral Musical Notebook Darth Vader
Item No.:SW27015   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 12,90 EUR
Star Wars Musical Notebook Darth Vader
Item No.:SW27013   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 12,90 EUR
DC Comics Series 1 Plush Figure Superman 18 cm
Item No.:FK2090   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 14,90 EUR
Kenner Luke Skywalker AF Replica 30 cm
Item No.:GG80101   
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 69,90 EUR
Star Wars Mini Bust 1:6 Wicket 14 cm
Item No.:GG80137   
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 54,90 EUR
Kenner Tusken Raider AF Replica 30 cm
Item No.:GG80087   
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 69,90 EUR
Tron Legacy: Kevin Flynn Collectible Figure 30 cm
Item No.:S901250   
Manufacturer:Hot Toys   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 164,90 EUR
Marvel Fine Art Statue 1:6 Colossus 40 cm
Item No.:KTOMK121   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 269,00 EUR
Marvel X-Force Fine Art Statue 1:6 Deadpool 30 cm
Item No.:KTOMK42   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 189,00 EUR
Kotobukiya Boba Fett No. 2 - ESB - 1:7 Scale
Item No.:KOTO34   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 109,90 EUR
Bad Robot Productions Maquette Bad Robot 25 cm
Item No.:QMBRP01   
Manufacturer:Quantum Mechanix   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 99,00 EUR
Wesco Clone Wars Alarm Clock (Rex/Yoda)
Item No.:WES232400   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 19,90 EUR
LOTR Rohirrim Royal Guard Miniature Shield 15 cm
Item No.:WETA0035   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 54,90 EUR
Schroedinger's Cat Ear Girl - Silvia Resin Statue
Item No.:YAM120943   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 244,90 EUR
Clannad After Story - Kyou Fujibayashi PVC Statue
Item No.:YAM120912   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 149,00 EUR
To Heart 2 - Tamaki Kousaka Bunny regular Version
Item No.:YAM120929   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 149,00 EUR
To Heart 2 - Tamaki Kousaka Bunny limited Version
Item No.:YAM120936   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 149,00 EUR

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