Target's Galaxy's Edge R5-P8 and Commander Pyre 6-Inch Star Wars Black Series Coming This Weekend?

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, October 19, 2020

3867 Today listed Star Wars The Black Series Commander Pyre and Star Wars The Black Series R5-P8!  Commander Pyre is a rerelease of the figure sold at the theme parks last year (see Commander Pyre, FOTD #2,622) and looks largely the same.  The multi-pack at Disney parks also included a MSE droid.   R5-P8 is a debut - and the 6-inch scale action figures are supposedly hitting stores on Sunday. 

Pyre is "pre-orders sold out" at press time, but I advise that you don't panic - the last batch came in and out of stock quite a few times and seemed semi-plentiful if you're inclined to visit the stores this weekend.  In-store pickup orders haven't started yet, either.

Happy hunting!