Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Reveal - 2020 Carbon-Freezing Chamber Playset

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, June 22, 2020

3766 I've been dying to tell you about this Carbon-Freezing Chamber Playset, and you'll want to buy two of it. See that little freezing pit in the middle? That's removable - so you can buy 2 playsets and connect them together to build one really big environment for all the Ugnaughts, Stormtroopers, and Bespin Guards I hope you stockpiled 10 years ago. (And Lobot! We can't forget Lobot.)  Pre-orders go live Tuesday at 11:00 AM Eastern at your favorite toy stores, or rather, the toy stores that matter.

There are no plans for other sets to connect to this, but I know I'm crossing my fingers for a Gantry and Control Room some day.

In case it weren't obvious, this is a 3 3/4-inch scale toy.  If you want a 6-inch one, keep lobbying for that.

The set includes a Carbonite Block (hoorah) and also a Stormtrooper on a new The Empire Strikes Back cardback with a unique, previously-unused photo.  It's not the "Rogue One" Trooper mold, but it's another trooper and we'll take it.

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