Star Wars Figure of the Day: Day 1,507

By Adam Pawlus — Thursday, March 24, 2011

Most likely available at a Toys "R" Us near you still, this Nikto Guard was originally supposed to come in a Battle Pack.  Now, well, you can get him by himself if you want.  Is it worth it?  Read on!

Not worth the money.

This figure is terrible. The only reason to get this figure is if he is free (like I got him) or cause you NEED all figures. That any Star Wars figures were made that don't have knee joints post "Revenge of the Sith" is a crime (unless they are marked down in price, this one sort of was since he was free, a lot of Clone Wars figures were not at first). He is NOT worth spending retail price on. NOT NOT NOT. I read this article hoping for a well deserved scathing of the figure, instead it was a polite article that seemed to appreciate it. I am sorry, this figure SUCKED and any review worth its salt would have said so.

Nikto Guard

I missed out on getting the figure for free during the promotion... all of the stores by me were completely out of stock during the promotion.. he's been showing up alot now at the 2 TRU's that I frequent and still is marked at $10.99 (more than a Vintage figure???) and I can never seem to pull the trigger on getting him. While i think he would make a great background addtion to a Jabba's palace diorama or even as a doomed Skiff Guard in a Pit of Carkoon display... i can't seem to justify the pricetag... hopefully he'll be marked down to under $3 or relisted as a free figure again and then I'll bite the bullet and grab one for myself.