SDCC: Galactic Hunter Coverage Begins Today

By Mike — Wednesday, July 11, 2012

There's this small gathering in a quaint, classy, Southern Californian village where people garbed in the latest cutting trend crime fighting, galaxy destroying fashion statements congregate to celebrate all things plastic, pulp, and pop. Galactic Hunter is here to cover the show beginning this evening (or earlier if our ninja skills and cartel connections pull through) and bring you all the latest and greatest from Hasbro, Gentle Giant, Kotobukiya, Sideshow and more! It's Comic-Con time! We're here hydrated and deodorized and hopefully you are too...especially deodorized. 

We'll be doing instant updates on Facebook and Twitter so please make sure to follow and like us and we promise not to bore and underwhelm you with food pictures and relationship statuses, and meaningless hashtags

Keep checking back starting today and through Sunday and May The Force Be With You!