Sail Barge Update - Maybe This Will Change Your Mind

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A surge of support on the HasLab Sail Barge came Wednesday morning after and posted Check Out New Photos of the Fully-Painted Jabba’s Sail Barge Prototype from Hasbro.   While we all expected to see painted pictures before the end of the funding period, we didn't expect that it might include a bonus.   Now take notes on this part, some fans are unclear and you're going to be one of the smart ones.

Yak Face is going to be included with the Sail Barge, if supported, on a Power of the Force-style cardback.    That probably means people are going to want to buy it off you if you buy a Barge.   Yak Face is currently planned for the main The Vintage Collection assortment, but on a Return of the Jedi-style cardback because, apparently, Hasbro has an aversion to bringing the rarest and seemingly most beloved of the vintage-style packaging out to retail again.  It's a pity, I've been hoping for a return to this style since Hasbro rebooted Vintage in 2004 and brought back coins in 1998... and 2007.

Don't forget to look at the painted Sail Barge, which looks pretty ridiculously grand.  It's only going to get made if you support it, so don't say you weren't peer pressured into it.