Results - New Star Wars Fan's Choice Poll - 6-Inch Edition

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, June 29, 2015

The results are in!  Hasbro asked for our top 6 choices for the Fan's Choice Black Series Star Wars Poll, and here we have them for you - interestingly, the winner is someone you've seen as a controversial Fan's Choice winner (or runner-up) in the past.   Even more interestingly, we had a four-way tie for third.   Who are those tie fighters?   Find out, after the break.Voting will start on official ballots next week - and the winner will be announced in San Diego at Comic-Con!   How exciting.   Here are the winners.

#1 - Amanaman
#2 - Gamorrean Guard
#3-#6 (tie) - Bib Fortuna
#3-#6 (tie) - Grand Moff Tarkin
#3-#6 (tie) - Hammerhead
#3-#6 (tie) - Mara Jade

2906 2907 2908 2909 2910 2911

Awesome choices! I'd buy all

Awesome choices! I'd buy all of them including Mara, if it was done like that photo.