Printable 2010 Holiday Gift Buyer's Guides!

By Adam May — Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just in time for Black Friday, we have a handy "Holiday Gifting Season" Hasbro Star Wars Exclusives Gift Guide to print out and give as a helpful suggestion "cheat sheet" to give to those who might be confused by all the cool Hasbro Star Wars toys out there.

There are two versions of the Gift Guide available depending on what type of printer you have. If you have a color printer and want the images to show in all their glory, get the Color Gift Guide. For black-and-white printers, or if you just want to save on color ink, we also have a Grayscale Edition. To save the file to your computer rather than view it in your Web browser, simply right-click on the link you want, and choose "Save as...". Enjoy and good luck!

Thank You Thank You!

This almost assures me of getting the E.E. comic packs and the Target Vintage figure set for Christmas!!!!! Already got most of the other stuff! Thanks guys!