New Clone Wars Y-Wing Scout Bomber Coming, Good Job Hasbro!

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, July 3, 2011

After being revealed in the new issue of Previews (shipping to homes, offices, and comic shops now) Rebelscum found a packaged image of the new Y-Wing Scout Bomber, a new mini-rig type of vehicle seemingly very much inspired by the 1980s toys of Kenner.From the look of things, this one-man fighter may have a functioning astromech socket, which is rather uncommon for this class of vehicle in modern Star Wars collecting.  I'm excited.  After years of hoverbike after scout bike after BARC speeder after whatever, it's nice to see an enclosed space vehicle with, of all things, an astromech socket.  I'm thrilled.  Cannot wait.  Good job, Hasbro.