More Photos From Hasbro 2010-2011 Attack of the Clones Bridge Wave

By Adam May — Friday, November 19, 2010

Hasbro has sent over some carded photos of the 2010-2011 "bridge wave" from Attack of the Clones (the last "themed" wave) included in The Vintage Collection. (Missing in action is the Anakin Skywalker (Peasant Disguise) figure, but he'll undoubtedly surface at the last minute to save the day — or something.) What do you think of these modern/retro cardbacks (and logos)? Comment away...

618 619 620 621
622 623 624 625
626 627 628 629
630 631 633 634

It's the last all-one-movie

It's the last all-one-movie wave, not the last vintage. They'll be using vintage style for all of next year IIRC. It's just the figures in each waves won't be from just one film. That's a good thing, because some films are kind of used up in terms of figures, even remakes, and Hasbro's been reluctant to make an all Phantom Menace wave in the past.

Vintage style cards

Being of an age when these guys first started coming out in the late '70s, I am collecting them almost exclusively. The Legends and Clone Wars guys, only what I like I am picking up. I collected the originals when no one thought about collecting them, back in the '70s and ' I have a fondness to this style of card. The retailers I have been in, Target, WalMart and Meijer give them limited space when compared to the Clone Wars and Legends. I can understand that, but when I saw this was the last themed wave coming out in vintage packaging...bummer. Here is hoping Hasbro revisits this again.