Kmart Has New AT-AT For $49.99

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Both Kmart's web site and retail stores are selling the big 2010 Hasbro Star Wars AT-AT vehicle for $49.99.  We're not sure how or why they're selling it at such a low price, but it doesn't matter-- go out and get yours now before they realize they're losing money!  It's a really big item and positively worth the $49.99.



Went to three Kmarts and scored zero. I am out in the boonies and the stores are small. Not even a bin tag for it on the shelf. Asked one employee at one store and she looked at me like..What the heck are you asking for? Time to hit the big city. Go to this website and get a coupon good for $5 off any toy purchase, excluding clearance items.

Thanks Adam!!!

Just went to the dreaded K-Mart and scored the BAT-AT! At $49.99 I was finally able to afford one.

Walmart Deal

I scored one at a Walmart for $80 in Allentown PA. I didn't and haven't seen this deal anywhere else on my trip back to Maryland. Be on the look out.