Kmart Exclusive Hasbro Jodo Kast Action Figure Surfacing

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Star Wars Kmart exclusive action figure Jodo Kast is starting to hit Kmarts according to your emails!  The prices are said to be $8.49 or $8.99 depending on location. We have not personally found the toy but enough are surfacing for us to say happy hunting!

ah, Jodo, how long we've

ah, Jodo, how long we've waited for your articulation! but another repaint? i guess its forgivable since he WAS impersonating Fett. what sculpt is this anyway?

Found for $8.99 in Augusta, GA!

Excellent figure!!!

$10.49 in New York

I paid $10.49 plus tax for this K-mart exclusive