Jabba Exclusive Back at Wal-Mart.com

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, September 27, 2010

Still need Jabba the Hutt, this season's hottest and oddly hardest to find exclusive?  Wal-Mart.com has it in stock again, and it's about $35.  While you dawdle and perhaps complain about the price, it will likely sell out again. Consider taking advantage of the site-to-store thing to save on shipping. (We like this piece-- and we suggest you get one.)

Wow! That was fast! I haven't

Wow! That was fast! I haven't even seen one of these in stores.

Found Jabba set today! It was

Found Jabba set today! It was the last one. The collecting gods smile on me!

And... out of stock within

And... out of stock within minutes! I found a lone Jabba on the local shelves but I'd certainly buy another to open!

Jabba's Throne

I just got to say that I love this Jabba! The throne with wheels is incredible. The extras and details are amazing. The Oola is icing on the cake! Hasbro's done some incredible work this year! Can't wait to see what they come up with next?

New Cantina Band?
Bespin Han Solo?
Dash Rendar?
Hope you're listening, Hasbro.

Wow! That thing was up for

Wow! That thing was up for like 10 minutes. A friend texted me that it was available again and in the two minutes it took me to get to walmart.com it was out of stock again. The only saving grace for this exclusive is that it is slated for an official October release. So I'm hoping there is more (much more) in stock come next month.

Why Hasbro made this an exclusive is beyond me. People have been requesting an updated Throne for years. It would have sold just fine at every other retailer.