This Is It! THE Must-Have Exclusive at Celebration V

By Adam May — Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So here's the thing, we're literally HOURS (I'm counting them) from Celebration V in Orlando, FL. and friends keep asking me what is the must-have Celebration V exclusive, and, while I'd LOVE a Wampa Rug/Tauntaun Sleeping Bag — which I'd have to use if I brought them home (I'd take pictures of my exile) I know in my bones that the 4-LOM/Zuckuss Retro-Vintage Mix-Up Combo by Hasbro is the one thing I cannot live without.

I would never look at my collection (and I'm painfully OCD) with any love or respect if I missed the biggest mash-up of my retro-modern Star Wars life missing out on the mistakenly named (originally) 4-LOM in his tan pleather kit. [Editor's Note: PETA would approve, I think. (Being an animal rights activist, I solidly approve of pleather.) Collectors are also crying out for the "proper" version to be released (on a Vintage Collection card) with the authentic, darker colors in the same material. (Well, they nag me about it.) So, please, Hasbro, please... I only have 30% hearing in one ear, and I'd like to keep what little I have left.


Then there's Zuckuss, the retro-modern robot, and we already have him. This version is simply matte grey to imitate the styling of the vintage version of the figure. Notably, "Greysian" market sellers have sold a "metallic" version of this very same figure with a speckled, slightly glittery plastic sporting a glossy sheen. (See below.)

For both figures, the vintage card (and mash-up/mix-up) is the selling feature for the set. Any retro-vintage collector — especially the Vintage Collection — will know that this twosome is a must-have combo. If Hasbro is going to move forward with other unique retro-inspired pieces, this is the proving ground. (The extremely limited quantity of the set can only help its sell-through. Seriously, do NOT miss this set when/if it pops up online.) That's not to say we won't get a Death Squad Commander (which I don't see a problem putting on a single card considering the names of some professional wrestlers and some super hero figures) but it can't help but bolster enthusiasm a bit.

4-LOM is obviously the star attraction. His soft goods (pleather) are spot-on reimagining of the vintage action figure. With the exception of his exemplary articulation, he looks remarkably like the classic vintage 4-LOM. (I'm warning you, Hasbro, I'm expecting great things from the forthcoming Bib Fortuna figure based on this figure alone.) Zuckuss, well, he's true to the original interpretation of the character (and collectors would hiss and moan if he wasn't). That's settled. Here's the gruesome twosome loose, and ready to be positioned on a special shelf as the strangely-cool collectible that they are.


306 4-LOM-Zuckuss.png

And here they are packaged (image by and courtesy of Hasbro).

Finally, just to show off the curiosity that may have been the original test-run (or a version yet-to-come), we present the "metallic" version of Zuckuss, replete with enough sparkling to get him/it cast in a Twilight movie. (Robots would kick vampire, werewolf, and even zombie butt, trust!)


Bah, why are people buzzing about a new Bib Fortuna? Is there any substance to this rumor, or is Adam just stirring up trouble again?

Trouble Loves Me

I have no idea why people would be buzzing about a new Bib Fortuna since none of the previous versions are in keeping with the vintage style, and, well, good things come to those who nag about them A LOT. (See Hutt, Jabba The, which none of us have shut up about since the all-bong-no-dais version came out.)