The Imperial AT-AT (2010) — DisPLAY With Your Toys

By Adam May — Monday, August 9, 2010

Since not all of our Imperial AT-AT Walkers were asked to take part in the 11:38 "sneak attack" series, we were heading in another direction. This is the first of a series of photo montages of the new Imperial AT-AT "in play". We assume that this part of Blizzard Force is taking on the first wave of Rebel scum (no relation) to make way for Darth Vader's arrival. (Once again, note that the all-new Imperial AT-AT comes with ONE (1) AT-AT Driver and ONE (1) Speederbike.) Some of the products shown are not currently available at retail, but we hope they're in your collection anyway.

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303 atatorama3.jpg

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Wow! Nice diorama! What did you use for the snow?


It's pure, uncut Colombian... wait... no, it's all purpose baking flower from Costco (50lbs of it, actually). I only used 25lbs for this set-up. (The sky is, obviously p'chop, and the Snowspeeder was added after the fact - they can't actually fly.) I wouldn't recommend using flower as snow for anything other than outdoor use. (Not seen - more than 9,000 mosquitoes attacking me, and I'm hoping they're not in other shots that I have to process. They might look cool, though.)

Also noteworthy, the ARF-Trooper head fits nicely on a Stormtrooper body. The fleeing Rebel Transport is from the miniatures game because I cannot convince Hasbro that it could have a pop-up/pop-out section printed on heavy cardstock (or corrugated plastic) that could serve as a bit of an Echo Base display thing. The Rebel Soldier in peril (being carted away by medics/McQuarrie concept Snowspeeder Pilots) is being hauled off on a G.I. Joe gurney that came with "Doc" (but still Hasbro). There are some other Easter Eggs, and there are more that will be found in other shots.

Thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for the AT-AT, and thanks to Dyson for making a vacuum that could clean up the mess. (Also, I know that 50lbs of flower is a lot to use for photos, so 150lbs extra was donated to charity.)