Image Bank: VC20 Yoda (Canadian Variant)

By Mike — Thursday, June 14, 2012

We can blame Canada for this cool carded variant of VC20 Yoda. The Jedi Master is packaged in a Return of the Jedi cardback with the iconic photo that was featured in the original Kenner release instead of the more correct, and dare we say not as iconic, Revenge of the Sith card that was distributed here domestically.

While the figure itself is based on his more youthful ROTS appearance and is clearly an error, it's not a one off and is being circulated in Canadian "Revenge" case assortments. Error aside, this variant is a great one to collect for carded collectors for the emotional value and novelty factor.















The VC20 Canadian Yoda was originally fetching around the $100 mark on eBay back in late April, but has now gone down to the $30 to $60 range.


1461 Compared with U.S. ROTS version


1462 Compared with VOTC Yoda


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