Hi-Res Bespin And Naboo Battle Packs

By Mike — Monday, April 16, 2012

Presenting some hi-res detailed photos of the new and upcoming Movie Heroes Bespin Battle and Duel On Naboo Battle Packs. More figure, less action? You won't get too much poseability with 5-8 points of articulation, but they are undoubtedly new sculpts. The Obi-Wan headsculpt even looks amazing in these photos. But will collectors rejoice or gripe? Stay tuned, but in the meantime, enjoy!






The obvious market for these

The obvious market for these cheaply produced packs are kids... and vintage hair-color enthusiasts? Would the success of this experiment determine the future of the line? If Hasbro feels they've exhausted the detail-oriented, super-articulated market will we see a shift back to 'playthings?'

I agree about the kid part,

I agree about the kid part, and it's "cute" that they made Luke's hair blonde like with the Vintage figure, but after all the progress Hasbro made in the past 5 years in delivering some spectacular efforts, I can't imagine why they would want to forsake the super articulation and retro-engineer like this. Cheaper to make? Maximize margin? Complacency?

That Obi-Wan has a killer head sculpt though.