"He's No Good To Me Bent"

By Mike — Monday, September 13, 2010

Reports are coming in of collectors receiving their Mail Away Vintage Boba Fetts from coast to coast. The not so good news is the mailer boxes haven't been the sturdiest and cards have been coming in bent and crushed.

414 Mail Away Fett 2

413 Mail Away Fett Front

Scott from Tulsa send in this photo of his damaged delivery.


415 Damaged Fett


We're sure Hasbro will be receiving a lot of complaints in their quality control department as the novelty of this mailaway is not only the figure, but the nostalgic vintage packaging. Unless Hasbro decided to address the quality control in the near future, we recommend hedging your bets and sending in for a couple of extras. Good luck!

Thanks to Scott and Ramon for the news and pics!

Get Bent

This bodes well for me, since I just want a loose one, but a bent card will still work fine for me.

Bent Boba Cards

This is completely unacceptable. Scott, I hope you raise holy hell with Hasbro! When we're paying $7 plus the price of 5 UPCs from carded figures, then we'd better damn well get pristine product. Some of us are only buying one Boba, and we have a completely reasonable expectation that our purchases will be delivered in solid packaging.

Today I received two of the

Today I received two of the three Fetts I ordered. One box was so smashed that the bubble wasn't even glued to the cardback anymore. The figure fell out on the floor. The other box was fine.

Nahdar Vebb Just As Bad

My Nahdar Vebb figure also came crushed. These boxes leave zero room between bubbles and the insides of the mailer boxes. Stupid packaging.