HasLab Adds Malakili to Star Wars: The Black Series Rancor Campaign

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Via Hasbro Pulse: Star Wars™ The Black Series Rancor Update! There is no picture, but there's some text - and we all know, that's where the magic happens.

From the campaign: "We really appreciate all the feedback we’ve received in an effort to make the HasLab Rancor the best possible dream product. With that, we realize we can't leave the most dangerous creature, the rancor, roaming the galaxy without its keeper. We will be adding a fully newly-tooled Star Wars: The Black Series Malakili figure [editor's note: emphasis added] to the base offering, funding at 9K units. Uncarded and ready for action, Malakili comes with his unique gaffi stick inspired by Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. This figure is in active development, and we will share renders as part of our backer updates if the project successfully moves into production.

"This final additional figure can ONLY be added if we hit our target threshold of 9K backers before the campaign deadline (December 6, 2021). Thank you for your help in shaping this product in real time!" More commentary after the jump? Sure, why not.

Obviously a late addition, the real question is if a packaged version will be sold in 2023 for Return of the Jedi 40th anniversary product lines, and if there will be a variant. I, for one, hope someone at Hasbro is reading this and puts some real thought into making "crying Malakili" an exclusive variant to HasLab - and promoting that fact if they go that route - while keeping the classic, normal face we saw from Kenner (and Hasbro) for a main-line release. I think people would have gone for that.