HASBRO's Star Wars Q&A - Answers From 9/24

By Adam May — Thursday, October 28, 2010

This session's Q&A is a mixed bag (especially as we went into the interrogation with San Diego Comic-Con and Celebration V information overload). So will that 'other' Imperial Scanning Crew Tech find his way (with his cool gadgets) into your collection? Will we see the final moments of Darth Vader on his Funeral Pyre in figure form? Let's see what the latest from Hasbro tells us...

574 dvpyre.pngGalactic Hunter: Fans asked and you've found a way to include the Scramble on Yavin Battle Pack into this year's lineup, as well as the beardless Hoth Rebel Soldier. Has the alternate Imperial Scanning Crew Tech with alternate scan trunk found a home (or is it close to finding one)?

HASBRO: It is close to finding a home in next Fall's exclusive lineup, but it's not 100% confirmed yet.  If it fails to catch on, we will continue to look for ways to bring it out.  It's one our priorities, given the demand for this guy.

GalacticHunter: Has there been any development on the Darth Vader/Funeral Pyre set?

Hasbro: There have been no developments; it remains on hold.