Hasbro's Next Batch of Vintage 3-Packs Revealed

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Over at Sandtroopers.com they revealed not one, not two, but three unique boxed sets of three figures each.  Of particular note is what appears to bet he first new release of the 2004 Vintage Han Solo figure, which fans have been asking about lately.  Well, there it is.  Want to see more?  Go to Sandtroopers.com!

Vintage 3 packs

these are going to be a major pass for me. I'm only interested in the Hoth set as it includes the variation Hoth Trooper as well as the Awesome Hoth Leia. the 2-1B is a real downer as it's a straight repack of the out of date POTF version from the 90's. what gives...they could have at least packed this set with the TAC ROTS version. oh well... if I do get the pack you can bet that the 2-1B will be a chopped up droid in a Jawa workshop or junkyard