Hasbro 2011 Sneak Preview

By Adam May — Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hasbro put out a mini-slideshow with a sneak preview of some of the products in the pipeline for 2011. Here's a copy of the slides in PDF format (view full post to see download link). More news and photos to come!

Hasbro_Star Wars_Spring 2011.pdf190.8 KB

I hope the Han Solo is only a

I hope the Han Solo is only a prototype at this stage and that they do release him with a closed collar and spiffy clean white shirt. All they have to do is tweak the torso. It is the one legitimate costume change Solo has in ANH and it would be very cool on a vintage-style card. If Hasbro cheaps out and just throws a medal on an existing Solo figure like the photo suggests, I am really going to lose faith.

Clone Wars figures look

Clone Wars figures look great, the Vintage wave is pretty weak, though. Using the Dewback Sandtrooper and Gelagrub Clone for basic Stormtrooper and 212th Trooper are good choices. The rest seem unnecessary. I think the only problem people had with the 2008 Gree was the lack of silver lines on his arms, and this one is still missing those.