GHR: TRU 30% Off Sale

By Mike — Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring hunting has been pretty sparse with new merchandise at brick and mortars, probably due to the focus on some big super hero movie. As January launch waves of Movie Heroes and Clone Wars continue to hang on pegs, many collectors have turned to shopping online for the latest figures.

ToysRUs is having a 30% off sale on select Star Wars items this month through June 2nd. These include their exclusive Podracer sets, Vehicle and Figure 2 Packs, and Vintage Y-Wing.

Here's a rundown:

Titanium 3 Packs $17.49
Exclusive Figure Vehicle 2 packs $13.29
Podracer Pilots $20.99
Vintage Y-wing Fighter $27.99
Darth Vader Electronic Helmet $15.39
Galactic Heroes $6.29

The Podracer sets are only available in stores and not online. Also take note that the Figure Vehicle 2 Packs are for their exclusive Geonosian with Speeder and Rebel Transport with Rebel with Ground Crew and not the Phase I Vehicle sets.

Happy Galactic Hunting and make sure to send us your finds if you've spotted any new merch!



Correction to the post. The

Correction to the post. The Pod Racer sets are also available online.