GHR: B-WING Sale, Target Coupon

By Mike — Sunday, February 19, 2012

As things settle down from all the new TPM 3D product, it's time to go hunting for deals. And this week, we have the K-Mart B-WING on sale, Target has a coupon, and TRU another free goodie with purchase.

Target has a coupon this week for $5 off any Star Wars toy $19.99 or higher. Browsing their site, it looks like they still have their exclusive Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker Tauntaun available for $24.99 each. This "ultimate" Tauntaun has been gone from stores since it went on a clearance over the holidays. You'll need this once that new Hoth Luke comes out or just pick it up for the gorgeous retro Vintage Collection packaging. If you're somehow able to apply that coupon to the clearanced Republic Attack Shuttle and buy it for under $20 bucks, you are the bounty hunter of the week.

K-Mart's exclusive Vintage Collection B-WING Fighter is now on sale for $29.99 (regularly $39.99). This is a great update to a fantastic mold and plused up with an even more fantastic Vintage Collection packaging. Keyan Farlander needs to fly. Buy one this week for $10 off.


Over at ToysRUs, you can buy one LEGO set and get a second for 50% off. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to Star Wars. The Vintage Collection Class II Vehicles are on sale for $29.99 and you receive a FREE Fighter Pod figure with any qualifying Star Wars purchase of $25 or more.

Speaking of Fighter Pods, have you checked out the new Unleash The Pods! videos at Hasbro Star Wars recently? Very funny and cute stuff which Hasbro seems to be pushing aggressively this year at the unfortunate expense of The Clone Wars. If you also haven't sent in your redemption for the Prototype Boba Fett, there's a little over a month to do so since the offer expires on March 31st.

The Walmart Discover The Force merchandise appears to be selling briskly, with the Battle Packs, particularly the Royal Starship Astromech Droid set, selling at a brisker pace and sold out online (for now). You can still purchase the Mos Espa set online here. is also offering their exclusive Clone Wars Ultimate Gift Pack, or Re-Pack, for $15 online (regularly $29.96). If you didn't find these at clearance a few weeks back, now's your chance.

Finally, the Blu-Ray Deleted Scenes figures may be hitting stores this week or soon based on a few auctions on eBay. Keep in mind that some of these sellers receive their stock directly overseas, so don't waste gas (especially at recent prices...WOW!) until we receive more confirmed reports.

Please send in those reports to us here or comment on the section below to post your finds.

Happy Galactic Hunting everyone!