The Force "Discovered": Walmart Exclusives Rolling Out

By Mike — Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The 1999 party continues and it's happening at Walmart. The Discover The Force exclusives are now being put out just in time for the release of The Phantom Menace 3D this weekend. Our initial concerns about single case assortments being found have been proven unwarranted by the wonderful revelation that Walmart stores (most of them anyway) will be placing a POS display with all 17 exclusive pieces including 12 figures, 2 Battle Packs, 2 Vehicles, and the Qui-Gon Jinn Electronic Lightsaber. Discover The Force indeed!

The POS holds about 96 figures deep and front facing with the Dewback and Vulture Droid shelved on the sides. We have reports of these displays being found in California, Arizona, and Texas. Happy Galactic Hunting! Post your finds in the comment section below and join us this weekend for our Toy Fair coverage!


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Are these gonna hit Mexico? I'm in Hermosillo, Sonora on business... but huntin' is sparse.

Perhaps the Mexican Walmarts

Perhaps the Mexican Walmarts will carry them? If our readers out there know, please post an update!