Figure of the Day: Day 1,378

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, September 24, 2010

A new version is coming, but this R2-D2 Bartender comes straight from 2004.  At the time, this was an above-average figure with a good amount of gear, and from the look of things the new version Hasbro has in the works is way better. But is the original good enough?  Read on!

Jabba's Sailbarge R2

So looking forward to getting this wave.... these figures look amazing and R2 is no looking forward to see how much shorter he is compared to the original POTF versions and how he looks posed next to the recent VOTC Threepio....

I love the fact that Hasbro is giving us a new version of Artoo with Luke Lightsaber and the fact that the glasses on the bar tray are removable make it even that much more special.