Figure of the Day: Day 1,341

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The new Vintage Collection figures should be pretty much everywhere this week, we even saw some at lunch today.  As such, it's time to decide if figures like this new Han Solo are worth your while. He's new, but is he cool?  (Being he's from Hoth, after all?)  Read on!

Couldn't post int he blog, so...

This should have been Bespin Han. Every year we ask for Bespin Han/Hoth Luke, but no we get Hoth Han/Bespin Luke, which we already have.


The Vintage Collection is a 2+ year project. You will get them... just hang in there a bit. Think of all the cool cardbacks and the span/scope of the whole project. It's amazing (to me). (I don't know what Pawlus might think about the whole situation.)

Han Solo (Echo Base)

This figure gets such a harsh rap and it's something I don't personally understand. BUt I love this version of Han and welcome any other 5 second outfit a Star Wars character wears in the film. Is Lando Calrissian in Smuggler's Outfit all that different? Han Bespin will be here soon enough. Patience, you must learn patience! :)