CVI: Hasbro Trades Spare Parts

By Mike — Thursday, August 23, 2012

This is all you want to know; there wasn't anything new today. With no show exclusive and a scaled down presence for Celebration VI, Hasbro was remarkably low key for Day 1. Yet Hasbro Star Wars brand reps were engaging inquiring fans in other ways such as demonstrating the various features of the new MTT and diplomatically answering questions about distribution, which quite frankly, has reached its saturation point from a reporting point of view.




The Droid Factory Parts Swap (which was an idea conceived by our own Adam May and originally done at Celebration V) was a good pitch for the forthcoming Droid Factory line in 2013 and you can also pick up a free Droid Factory mini poster featuring figures and parts from the first assortment.




The figures and vehicles on display were already seen at Comic-Con and you can refer back to our report from that show for all the other news we first reported on about the rest of 2012 and the first half of 2013. 

There's sure to be more news soon on what they have yet to reveal on their panel such as Walmart exclusives, Clone Wars, and from what we've been told, more Class II vehicles (and what was supposed to originally attach to the back of the MTT?.

So check back for our full Hasbro report and gallery for the latest scoop!

Click here for more (or less) photos from the booth.







Droid Factory Mini Poster

I sure hope some of those posters are offered up to those who couldn't attend...