Celebration VI: Super 7 Cards, Attending

By Adam Pawlus — Thursday, August 9, 2012

This year at Comic-Con 2012 Super 7 had a bunch of surprises, two of which were 3 3/4-inch 1979-style Kenner Alien action figures, and the other was a stunning all-new wax pack of trading cards (pictured) with promo cards on olde tyme cardboard.  And guess what? They're doing more at Celebration VI!

In Star Wars circles, Super 7 is best known for their Super Shogun figures, which are similar to classic Shogun Warriors toys from a few decades back.  These were oversized figures with spring-loaded fists, amazing display pieces and they really tie the room together.


A little birdie told us that booth #315 will be handing out some old-school style Super 7 Star Wars cards at Celebration VI, so you should probably stop by to get yours!  And if you can't make it, well, we've got cameras and will do our best to show you what you missed.