Ad: Star Wars 2010 IN STOCK at Entertainment Earth

By Adam Pawlus — Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ad: New Vintage Star Wars Action Figures and more at Entertainment Earth.   Vintage Star Wars Chase Foil Package figure pre-orders-- collect all 12!  Clone Wars action figures are up, including Embo and Boba Fett!  All this and several new vehicle pre-orders are up, so click through for pricing and availability.


ah, Jodo, how long we've waited for your articulation! but another repaint? i guess its forgivable since he WAS impersonating Fett. what sculpt is this anyway?

Mail away Fett

i am so excited about the mail-away fett. i havent bought a 3-3/4 figure in over a year, but i gotta get my rocket fett to go along with the GG 12" vintage sculpt Fett i just pre-ordered