WEEK 5 (June 11-13 , 2004): Boba and Aayla
by Sharon Bronson


Week 5 Guests: Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett) and Amy Allen(Aayla Secura)
SWW Week 5 Image Bank

Daniel and Amy were first time celebrity guests this year for SW Weekends. Both have been on the convention circuit, but not to Disney for the annual Star Wars event.


Daniel has grown up a bit since we last saw him in Attack of the Clones, and had just celebrated his 17th birthday earlier this month. With a big confident grin on his
face at all times, he eagerly greeted fans. No word on if we will see him in Episode 3, but it sounds like Daniel Logan has a very bright future ahead.


Across the way, Amy Allen had a crowd of her own. Although she prefers her work behind the scenes in the production department, Amy is excited to have her
character Aayla Secura returning for more action in Episode 3.

Posing for pictures and signing items of all types, it is possible that these Star Wars celebrities were having even more fun than the fans. Neither star could share any real juicy Episode 3 info, but we understand.


Many limited Star Wars Weekends items were sold out by the third week. The second framed coin set sold out within days, and was gone in the same
weekend (week 4). Disney has never been one to allocate limited collectibles per week, and this is an area of the event that could still use some improvements. Jedi Mickey plushes were missed by many guests, but has been rumored to return as a regular Disney MGM Studios item sometime later this Summer. Stay Tuned to GalacticHunter.com for updates!

Out of stock items for Weekend 5:
Framed coin sets 1 & 2
Framed SWW 2004 pin sets
Jedi Mickey plush
SWW crystal
SWW magnets or keychains

Items available for Weekend 5:
assorted weekly coins (gold, silver, nickel)
SWW t shirts (but sizes & styles were limited)
SWW watch
SWW limited Droid pin set
SWW mugs
SWW logo pins (week 4 & 5)




Star Wars Weekends is certainly an event to remember and gets better ever year. To truly appreciate, one must attend. Many thanks to the cast members at Disney, who worked hard to make this event as enjoyable as possible for ALL Star Wars fans. Give Disney some feedback on your Star Wars Weekends experience and send an email to: wdw.guest.communications@disneyworld.com


I really enjoyed attending and reporting this event, and thank you all for for reading.

Hope to see some of you next year at Star Wars Weekends 2005!

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