WEEK 1 (May 14-16, 2004): Jake Lloyd Returns
by Sharon Bronson


Week 1 Guests: Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker) and Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett)




Disney made some improvements to the autograph system for Star Wars Weekends 2004, which now utilizes their Fast Pass system. The Fast Passes ran out within a couple of hours of Disney MGM's opening, but reduce the time spent in line waiting for a signature. There are now 3 autograph sessions instead of 2. (11:45, 2:30, 4:00). Signing is still done outdoors, but has been relocated back to (Jedi) Mickey Avenue, and in a fairly shaded area. With the event spread out in the park a bit, it does not seem as crowded, and things flowed much better.


Even though Jeremy Bulloch is a regular celebrity guest at SWW,  it is always a pleasure to see him. He is always a great guy to speak with, and a man who truly enjoys his fans. While on the Convention circuit this year, he will be promoting his new book, Flying Solo (which can be purchased on his website,


Jake Lloyd made his first appearance at Disney a few years ago, but would not sign anything due to his young age at the time. He definitely made up for it this year, and was a very pleasant young man. When asked about the strangest thing he ever had to sign, he replied, "a baby"  (someone brought an infant that was wearing Jedi robes).  Jake clearly enjoyed the interaction with the fans and hopefully we will see more of him in the near future.

Anyone with questions about the event, please feel free to email me. I would love reports and photos from folks that were able to attend as well. You have to be there to truly appreciate it. Star Wars Weekends at Disney MGM Studios is definitely a one of a kind event.



Disney offers some improvements when it comes to the event part of SWW, but merchandise for the event is an entirely different department (I really should say different planet!). Disney still does its very best to offer great service.


Due to limited merchandise, the line at Tatooine Traders, Disney MGM's Star Wars specialty shop,  can be MUCH worse than the autograph lines these days.  I spent over 90 minutes in line on Friday to purchase limited merchandise. They limit you to 2 items per person with limited collectibles and will sell the item until sold out. Some things are gone well before the event is over. Cast members will also tell you that although something is sold out, more could appear within the hour or even the next day (Disney merchandising communication and information is not their strongest link). If it is a collectible you really want, it is always wise to get it the very first day of the event. This year's weekly pins and jumbo pin were much more limited than before, and sold very quickly.

Complete Framed Coin Set (Limited to 250)

Jumbo Pin

Week 1 Bronze Coin (Limited 1000)

Droid Pin Set

The Jedi plush Mickey was being pre-sold on Friday and none were even on the property until Saturday afternoon. There were also some additional items not pictured on StarWars.com, but it is really hard to keep up with the amount of stuff Disney will produce for the event.

List of items of interest w/ prices:

Jedi Mickey Plush; $12
Logo Pin: $10.50 (limited 7000)
Weekly Pin $10.50 (limited 1000)
Jumbo Pin $35 (limited 500)
Droid Pin Set $125 (limited 750)
Framed Coin set $125 (limited 250)
Complete Framed Pin Set $255 (limited 100)
Coffee Mug $10
Keychain $3
Magnet $3
Laser Cut Crystal $125 (?)
Litho (poster) $30
SWW Watch $95
SWW 2004 Bronze Coin $15 (limited 1000)
Polo Shirt $42
T-shirt $19
SWW hat $19

No word on Star Tours wave 4, which is nothing unusual. There were plenty of wave 1 - 3 Star Tours figures and Starspeeder 3000's still on the shelf.

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