by Sharon Bronson

Star Wars Weekends at Disney's MGM Studios is unlike any other event you have encountered, with activities for kids of all ages and something for all types of Star Wars fans. Where you can dress up as a Jedi or just have your picture taken with one. A magical place where your children can fall in love with Star Wars just as many of us did when we were younger.

The event has grown in popularity every year, and now includes marching of the 501st Stormtrooper Garrison on certain weeks and other Official Fan Club events. Since there is so very much to experience at Star Wars Weekends, it has been extended to 5 weeks for 2 years in a row. A variety of Star Wars celebrities, trivia contests, Jedi Academy, Star Wars themed game show, exclusive Star Wars/Disney merchandise, and many more galactic experiences await you! Not to mention sections of MGM are also dedicated to Indiana Jones and the Muppets, how much better could a theme park get? (Did I mention The Rock N' Roller Coaster?)

Come for one weekend, or attend them all, but don't miss out on all the fun!

WEEK 1 (Jeremy Bulloch and Jake Lloyd)

WEEK 2 (Peter Mayhew and Jerome Blake)

WEEK 3 (Anthony Daniels and Andy Secombe)

WEEK 4 (Warwick Davis and Mike Quinn)

WEEK 5 (Daniel Logan and Amy Allen)

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