Comic-Con: Hasbro Preview Night
7/14/2005 5:53:28 AM | Reported by Adam

After exhibiting at Comic-Con International year after year, Hasbro makes sure to hold back some choice items for your revealing pleasure, bypassing events like Celebration III in favor of hitting a wider audience alongside the likes of their other hot brands, which this year included G.I. Joe in 3 3/4-inch, 12-inch and Sigma Six flavors, Transformers Cybertron and Alternators, Blythe, My Little Pony, and a surprising amount of other stuff. If you have any interest in male action toys, a trip to Hasbro's booth at San Diego is arguably superior to any trip you could make to Toy Fair in New York. 

Exclusives Update - Big K Gets Temple Assault Pack
7/14/2005 2:09:03 PM | Reported by Adam_May

This afternoon we have an update to several exclusive toys due out between now and autumn. Shockingly, K-Mart has managed to score one of the coolest exclusives of the year, while Wal*Mart and Target stores beef up their already robust lines of preferred stock items. Check out the full story for more. 

Hasbro Slide Show PIX Update
7/15/2005 5:17:12 PM | Reported by Adam_May

Our Galactic Snappers fired off quick shots of new product during Hasbro's Power Point / Q&A session at San Diego Comic Con 2005. Unleashed Battle Packs? Stealth Clone Troopers? Saga 2? Click our way for more, more, more... how you like it. 

Hasbro's Slide Show: Saga 2, Unleashed Battle Packs
7/15/2005 3:30:00 PM | Reported by Adam_May

Those smooth talkers from Hasbro did their annual ComicCon presentation and Q&A to let fans know what they've got in store for the rest of 2005 and the beginning of 2006. Our Galactic geek squad was there to get the skinny for you, our readers, and they file the following report.  

Entertainment Earth Scores Astromech 5-Packs
7/15/2005 4:03:19 PM | Reported by Adam_May

Entertainment Earth has snagged a great new exclusive -- a five-pack of Astromech droids. R2 enthusiasts get ready. GalacticHunter's own Adam Pawlus helped develop the set, and, naturally, he insisted on Bo Shek's droid. 

Comic-Con: Hasbro 2006 Preview
7/16/2005 3:13:29 AM | Reported by Adam

After days of intense speculation, Hasbro answered the questions on everybody's lips with a smirk, a roar, and in some cases, deafening silence. Starting off with the big rumor-- Transformers and Star Wars-- Hasbro was mum at both the Transformers and Star Wars panels, despite direct questions. (No, it wasn't me.) 

Comic-Con: Hasbro Q&A
7/18/2005 2:30:23 AM | Reported by Mike

Galactic Hunter sits down with Hasbro Brand Manager Randy Shoemaker at Comic-Con and gets the scoop on the Early Bird Kit, recent Swami rumors, upcoming product, and which lines may or may not continue in 2006. Follow the link for the interview! 


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