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By Michael Sullenger
Photography: Michael Sullenger

(SAN DIEGO, CA, July 25, 2004)Code 3 Collectibles passed their freshman year with high marks and are looking forward to continuing their die cast offerings through 2005 and beyond. Their Comic-Con booth was a flurry of activity, as they held several contests and raffles for a chance to win their best selling Star Wars die-cast vehicles. Also on display was their latest creation...three dimensional movie posters cast in resin, with Star Wars planned for next year!


We had a chance to sit down with Product Manager Audrey Wells, who shared some details on the next two Star Wars vehicles in their die-cast line.

Republic Gunship

Based on the regular white and red vessel from Attack of the Clones, the Gunship is the first prequel vehicle in the Code 3 die cast collection. Pre-orders will be taken beginning sometime in October and the official release is planned for November. The Gunship will also come at a lower pricepoint than previous offerings, with a ticket somewhere around $200 and a production run of 5,000 pieces. Non-removable Clone Troopers will be placed in the cockpit and the main bay for added authenticity.


Although not many details are available at this time, the AT-AT is expected to be released sometime next year with a pricepoint of around $300. The Imperial all terrain behemoth will come with removable panels and all the details we've come to expect from Code 3. Imperial mini figures are also being looked into as a possible feature!

Legendary Casts


Glowing reviews were the consensus at Comic-Con for this new 3D sculpted movie poster assortment. Code 3 recreates the original theatrical sheet in handpainted cold cast resin to produce quite the magnificent display piece. Posters of Van Helsing, Dracula, and even Animal House were displayed in their booth, featuring meticulous sculpting and vivid paint detail to make each piece come to life! Audrey tells us that Star Wars posters are currently in the stages of development, beginning with the classic Hildebrandt brothers Style A poster from A New Hope. Their Star Wars line is expected to launch next March with a retail price of around $75 each.

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