Lando Calrissian
Released September 2004
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on January 26, 2005


Choices make up a lot of Star Wars collecting, from the choice to make a figure to your choice to (not) buy it. In the case of Lando Calrissian fans were wondering why Hasbro chose to make it, but they'd be fools to choose to not buy it-- it's an excellent figure with a great sculpt, good articulation, and a price that... OK, the price can be beat. But the toy can't.

This figure is packaged with one Imperial Blaster pistol.


It's like Hasbro said "let's take all the time we're spending on C-3PO away and put it toward making up for that awful 1995 Lando." Since Hasbro has a lot of good C-3PO figures out, and precious few top-tier Landos, I'm OK with this.

While not as posable as Han due to some elbow joints of a different kind, Lando enjoys a great range of motion and has the ability to be choked by Chewbacca. Score one for Hasbro!

The head sculpt is good-- on par with the Lando Skiff Guard from early in 2004, with a good hair sculpt and a good facial expression. It's ball-jointed too, so can you ask for more? No, no you cannot.

Despite elbows that restrict a full range of motion, he's quite posable-- just look! He can aim, he can shoot, he can score. There has never been a better Lando, and after the fixed-pose version from 2001 and the ultra-buff one from 1995, it's about time Hasbro achieved perfection with Billy D. Williams' character.

The actual outfit has enough wrinkles to give it character without it seeming overwhelmingly plastic-- of course, this is helped by the ornate cloth cape which is secured firmly to his shoulders. It isn't meant to be removable, which is unfortunate-- but undoubtedly necessary for the design.


A gun! And a cape... but it isn't removable. The only other stuff you could really give this Lando would be some sort of PDA, but even then, why bother? It's all about the gun.

A removable cape would have improved the figure a lot, but at least it's cloth so he can sit down if need be. Good choices, Hasbro!


While the first series and Yoda all included packaging that resembled their first cardbacks, Darth Vader resembles the original ESB packaging from 1980 instead. (This was, if you forgot, the same basic look as the ANH cardback but with the new logo.)

The front of the cardback is, basically, just the same as the 1980 cardbacks. I don't much feel like combing over the part numbers and such to check for differences, but it's certainly close enough to be acceptable.

The back of the card is somewhat lame, using similar graphics to those used on other OTC products. It would be nice to have a vintage-esque lineup of the new VOTC figures instead of just the four from that movie. It's OK, but nothing too special.

The clamshell is nice, and it's taped shut to avoid people... I guess buying it and returning a 1978 figure in its place. There's an embossed Star Wars logo on the back, and you could probably cram any old vintage figure in here if you open your VOTC figures and happen to have other real vintage figures in need of star case type storage. The case is too shallow for anything but vintage figures, or perhaps thinner, early POTF2 and POTJ figures.

I especially like the embossed Imperial and Rebel logos on the top of the clamshell. All in all, it's good packaging, but the regular OTC style impressed me a little bit more. It should be noted that this figure does not have a choke hazard warning on the clamshell, which is good-- because it has no small parts, after all.


One of the few slower sellers from the non-ANH assortments, Lando can be found all over-- even on clearance at a few stores. As such, snag it if you see it and the price feels right as he won't be shipping for long!


It's about as good as you can get-- I don't expect a better Lando to be created during Hasbro's run on Star Wars unless we see another reboot in 10 years. It's a great figure and one you should definitely pick up if you're a Lando fan, and really, who isn't?

Our review sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in November 2004.

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