Han Solo
Released July 2004
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on July 14, 2004


When Hasbro let us know they were doing a dozen high-priced resculpts, we were curious-- should we care? Would they be any good? The answer so far seems to be yes, as their "Vintage" Han Solo is the best ever version of this character in this outfit.

This figure is packaged with a blaster pistol, which is a recolored version of the POTF2 CommTech Han Solo's weapon.


Hasbro usually doesn't look to the Kenner line for inspiration for a new figure, but this time, they did. They also looked at their very best figures and to the films, and put them all in a blender to bring you Die Ubersolo, as I believe it's called auf Deutsch.

This is the very first Han Solo in this outfit who can stand with his arms at his sides, and it's nice that Hasbro made it so he can have his arms any way we want them, too.

As far as articulation goes, this may be the most posable Star Wars figure ever, save for the super posable Clone Trooper. He has ball joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, ankles, and knees. He has regular joints at the wrists, hips, and waist. Aside from double joints in his knees and elbows or perhaps some added waist and hip articulation, there's really no way you could do this figure any better. Of course, when you put it that way, it sounds like there's room for improvement, and in such a small figure, there really isn't much room for anything when you have this much going on.

One thing that makes this figure is the head. It's a good head, not a great head. The ball joint will probably excite some and annoy others, but it works well and the sculpt is very good.

The paint is better than I would expect, as there are multiple shades of brown in the hair to give it a slightly better appearance. The face looks like Harrison Ford, more or less, and the hair looks a lot like the original head on the vintage figure... again, more or less.

While the articulation is the real high point of the figure, the sculpt is to be noted as well. All the articulation blends right in, and is probably no more obtrusive than the CommTech version.

The folks and wrinkles are right where you would expect in the next evolution of the ANH Han Solo action figure. The shirt and vest are sculpted almost exactly like the original, only with a wee bit more in the way of craftsmanship. As such, the vest is not removable, but surprisingly the holster (technically) is. The holster and the belt are a separate piece, but if you take it off, odds are you'd have to cut it. This might be good for customizers, or those who buy extras of the figure and just want one that can sit easily. As it is, his ability to sit is greatly hindered by this accessory.

Of course, what does this mean in terms of the recently released Millennium Falcon? He can fit in the cockpit without a problem, but getting him in that gunner station takes some work. A little too much work for my liking, but he does fit and that's a step in the right direction.


This set includes the gun, and that's it.

While early reports hinted this was a new weapon, it isn't. This is just a recolored version of the silver gun that came with the 1999 CommTech Han Solo, which was a great gun and a good size, so it's nice to see it here again. Han also has a holster which, while a separate piece, is sadly not removable.


This should look familliar.

The front of the cardback is, basically, just the same as the 1978 cardbacks. I don't much feel like combing over the part numbers and such to check for differences, but it's certainly close enough to be acceptable.

The back of the card is somewhat lame, using similar graphics to those used on other OTC products. It would be nice to have a vintage-esque lineup of the new VOTC figures instead of just the four from that movie. It's OK, but nothing too special.

The clamshell is nice, and it's taped shut to avoid people... I guess buying it and returning a 1978 figure in its place. There's an embossed Star Wars logo on the back, and you could probably cram any old vintage figure in here if you open your VOTC figures and happen to have other real vintage figures in need of star case type storage. The case is too shallow for anything but vintage figures, or perhaps thinner, early POTF2 and POTJ figures.

I especially like the embossed Imperial and Rebel logos on the top of the clamshell. All in all, it's good packaging, but the regular OTC style impressed me a little bit more.


As of today, this figure is just becoming available in the USA, but looking at future assortments he should be really easy to get and shipping for a good long time.


Best Han Ever. That's really all you need to know. It's better, it's worth upgrading even though it's $10. Sure, there's no reason Hasbro couldn't have done this figure for $5, but it's nice to see and the deluxe packaging is cute, more or less.

I seriously doubt Hasbro will ever do a nicer Han figure, and as such, I hope they do more Vintage figures past these three waves and do Bespin Han and keep the ball rolling. This is a quality figure, and I have serious doubts most fans will be sorry they bought one.

Our sample was obtained from some guy in July 2004.

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