Emperor Palpatine (Executor Transmission)
Released July 2004
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on October 20, 2004


The first thing a lot of fans said when they saw the lineup for the 2004 OTC was "Where's the Emperor?" Well, it would appear that here he is! This time, Emperor Palpatine is being made as a holograph from The Empire Strikes Back.

The figure uses the 1997 Emperor Palptaine mold from POTF2 down to the copyright date and the cane, no obvious changes were made to the sculpt, although as far as decoration goes it's pretty obvious what has changed.


Arguably the best Emperor sculpt in the modern era, it made sense that when it came time to make a transmission-friendly Emperor, that Hasbro would go back here.

As said previously, the sculpt was pretty good in the first place. This is important, as Hasbro added no paint to highlight any of the details on the figure, which means this was one likely to be one insanely cheap exclusive to produce.

All it needs now is a little section of the Executor as a base. Which, well, ain't happening.

Before, and after. Pretty.

The figure on the whole is exactly what you'd expect, although a little paint couldn't have hurt it much. Also, it's no Holo Darth Sidious, but it's a pretty good replacement if you can't get one.


This set includes a walking stick.

Clear walking stick. Yes I know, very exciting. It's the same 1997 walking stick cast in a gummi clear plastic, and it suits the figure just fine. Even better, there have yet to be any reports of it arriving bent, meaning Hasbro picked the right packaging for it-- good job!


Ladies and genltemen, boys and girls, behold. This is it. This is the cardback you've wanted from the start. It looks great!

There's a lot to the packaging, surprisingly. The double-border is just like the original Kenner packaging, and the black background is also very similar to the old toys. Also, the font of the name plate is similar to (if not the same as) the old days. Beyond that, there aren't a lot of similarities to the old days. The Executor-esque backdrop is stunning and perfect for the figure, and there's really not much you can do to improve it.

If you ordered one from Shop.Starwars.Com, you'll see that they have made a complete 180 from how they shipped figures earlier in the summer. While previous comments and methords had fans crying boycott, these are so insanely well packed it's ridiculous, but at least you know where your $7 is going. For basic shipping, my two figures were both packed in Star Cases which were in turned wrapped in a few feet of bubble wrap, individually, and placed in a huge box with packing peanuts. That's service, folks, and a fine example of how to do things right.


It's currently an online exclusive, which means they'll show up on eBay and if previous recent exclusives are any indication, probably stick around at the original source for a few more months to a year since people are lazy about ordering these things.


$11 plus shipping for a clear, unpainted redeco of a figure you bought for $5 in 1997 may seem expensive. That's because it is. But it's different enough and hopefully limited enough to make you say "oh, that's neat, I'll take one." For everyone complaining the Vintage figures are overpriced, they have nothing on this-- but it's still neat, far neater than Vintage Obi-Wan or another repackaged figure with no changes made to the toy.

As far as repaints go, this is a good one. As it's also a requested repaint by many fans, it's worth your while to track it down to more or less complete your set of OTC figures, even though it isn't numbered as part of the line.

Our review sample was obtained from Shop.StarWars.com in October 2004.

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