Yoda (Clone Wars Animated Series)
Released January, 2004
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on February 20, 2004


Sure he's short, but Yoda shouldn't be any other way. It would have been nice for him to have had a little more to him, especially at $6.99, but the end results are actually a little bit nicer than one might expect.

This figure is packaged with a lightsaber and a base.


So far, the animated figures are completely new sculpts except for their Star Wars logo bases. Yoda continues the trend with his brand new and very short sculpt.

Combining sharp corners with his short, round nature, Yoda has turned out to be a pretty fair representation of his two-dimensional counterpart.

The sculptors manage to replicate the lines in his forehead quite nicely without resorting to painting them in. There are numerous subtle wrinkles around his mouth, and a few more subtle details than I'm used to seeing in Hasbro's animated efforts. Considering the size of the figure, it's nice to see a little extra effort put into his design to make it seem like it's worth just a little bit more than it actually is.

The paint on my review sample seems to be in the lines and evenly sprayed, with no really glaring problems between colors. There are a few tiny areas where the lines weren't painted as straight as they could have been, but on the whole I like what I see here.

As an action figure, there's very little action to be found here. His neck and shoulders are posable, and his waist is two separate pieces, but not articulated. While you can get him to raise and lower his saber arm, there's really not much else he can do other than look around. This is about par for the cartoon line, as it isn't exactly meant to be a super-posable toy.

Yoda retains some of his non-toon Clone Wars design here with the bandolier and what seems to be the vest/poncho covered by his Jedi robes. This is an added nice touch, as it gives the figure a much more dynamic look than his counterpart which more or less is just standing there. Yoda really looks ready to lead his troops into battle, which is odd as most fans interpreted the diminutive Jedi Master to be more of a pacifist. Regardless, he looks good.


This set includes a weapon and a base.

Yoda's weapon is completely new, with a brand new blade and handle to light his way to victory. The blade is a pale yellowish green color, and compared to the regular Clone Wars Yoda weapon seems almost faded. The sculpt is top-notch, though, and it's ncie to see no shortcuts were taken here.

The base is typical for this series with a big logo from the films and a smaller Clone Wars logo beneath it. While it would be nice to see a second color added to the base to bring out the detail, odds are it's best to leave it as is so the paint doesn't come off on the figure's feet. These bases are quite nice, and it would be nice to see Hasbro adopt movie logo bases for the regular Saga line.


Hasbro came up with something new that brings in elements of the old.

The artwork on the front of the package are both excellent and show a nice amount of detail. In a way, it's unfortunate there aren't large posters with these drawings on them, because they really are quite striking. Based on the same templates as the first assortment, these remain some of the nicest packages Hasbro has produced for Star Wars toys in the line's entire lifespan. So, once again, it's a good job.

All in all, this package is everything it needed to be, and then some.


Target exclusive. The new assortment is just starting to hit, and it seems to come and go quickly. As such, keep checking those local stores.


It's Yoda. As such, he's going to have a huge built-in fanbase that will buy him no matter what. The colors are striking and the detail is acceptable, with the blowing hair and cape giving the figure an incredible amount of personality that you rarely, if ever, see on the movie product. This figure is one that's hard to pass up just because it really made the translation to the design quite well, plus, as stated previously, it's Yoda. And who doesn't like Yoda?

Our sample was obtained from a Phoenix area Target in January 2004.

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