Durge (Clone Wars Animated Series)
Released January, 2004
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on February 25, 2004


A hulking giant to be sure, Durge towers over his plastic casemates. The figure has a great sculpt, but like so many of the others is more of a piece to look at than it is to play with.

This figure is packaged with a lance and a base.


As the rest of the figures were all new, so is Durge. He's big, and his very stylized appearance is much more striking and we daresay more visually pleasing when compared to the "live action" release.

The small head and the gigantic torso make him seem like an enormous opponent, and may remind some fans of many of the villains from the Warner Bros. cartoons of old as far as proportions go.

Converting a helmet to an animated, simplified look can be a bit of a challenge, and Hasbro took the design given to them from Cartoon Network and managed to turn it into a nice looking toy. The tiny head at the top of a massive neck makes for a notable design, and since he was posed to be looking down on his enemy.

The paint on our sample is, on the whole, great. Colors are even and rarely break out of their lines. There isn't much in the way of color on this guy, but for what he needs to be, it's appropriate.

The figure is only jointed at the neck, wrists, waist, and shoulders. As such, there isn't a lot you can get him to do, but he can be posed to hold his lance in a few interesting ways. The lines are crisp, and the sculpt makes him look like a little maquette. It would be nice to have him in more combat-friendly poses so he can battle to the death with Obi-Wan Kenobi, but that was not meant to be.

One problem with our review sample and not our image sample is that ours seems to have been assembled poorly. The backpack, which is fused to the figure, was stuck on at a strange angle and cannot be moved. While your mileage may vary, be sure to examine Durge before making a purchase.

It would be nice to have a figure slightly more battle-ready, but hey, the end result is pretty good. He has guns sculpted into his holsters and while they are sadly not removable, they do look pretty good.


This set includes a weapon and a base.

This is the only Durge to include a lance, and boy oh boy, is it a nice one. The lance, while missing painted detail, has a lot of nice little sculpted designs. It can be held by Durge in a variety of ways, and manages to keep the cartoony look too. As such, we dig it.

The base is typical for this series with a big logo from the films and a smaller Clone Wars logo beneath it. While it would be nice to see a second color added to the base to bring out the detail, odds are it's best to leave it as is so the paint doesn't come off on the figure's feet. These bases are quite nice, and it would be nice to see Hasbro adopt movie logo bases for the regular Saga line.


Hasbro came up with something new that brings in elements of the old.

The artwork on the front of the package are both excellent and show a nice amount of detail. In a way, it's unfortunate there aren't large posters with these drawings on them, because they really are quite striking. Based on the same templates as the first assortment, these remain some of the nicest packages Hasbro has produced for Star Wars toys in the line's entire lifespan. So, once again, it's a good job.

All in all, this package is everything it needed to be, and then some.


Target exclusive. The new assortment is just starting to hit, and Durge tends to sit around quite a bit. As such, he should be easy to get.


Odds are most fans will have had their fill of Durge at this point, but if you haven't, this is a great new addition to any collection. Cartoon villains make up three of the eight Clone Wars animated figures, which is really great for fans everywhere. Durge is a nice looking figure and while not exactly a major force in Star Wars, is worth getting as a figure. It looks great, and since it's pretty easy to get, is worth snagging if this set appeals to you.

Our sample was obtained from a Phoenix area Target in January 2004.

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