Asajj Ventress (Clone Wars Animated Series)
Released December, 2003
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on January 23, 2003


Not bad but certainly not identical to the animated model, Animated Asajj Ventress is still a very striking design, just not a perfect translation to the third dimension.

This figure is packaged with a lightsaber and a base, both of which are new to this series.


So far, the animated figures are completely new sculpts except for their Star Wars logo bases. As such, there's nothing here that should look familliar.

While other figures in this series have been about stark lines and sharp corners, this one is mostly rounded.

She appears much harsher on the show and in the card art. Hasbro seemed to soften her appearance a little, with her looking more detatched than furious. It's an interesting design choice for the figure, and while not bad, it seems she could be a little bit better.

The coloring is about right on the face, she looks pale and she should look pale. It would be nice to have teeth showing, but hey, I'll take what I can get. Most of the lines in her neck were drawn in, which was a very nice touch which makes the figure look significantly better.

While significantly less striking, the original version of the figure seems to be a little bit better. She had more articulation on that first version, and was better at holding her weapons. The toon version is jointed at the neck, waist, and shoulders and is capable of assuming a few great poses, but she isn't as posable as she could have been.


This set includes a weapon and a base.

Once again, the lightsabers are a brand new sculpt. New blade, new handle, the works. The stripes painted on the handles are a nice touch, and like before, they look great. She doesn't seem too keen on holding on to them, but with a little work, she can do it without a problem. All in all, these are high-grade weapons.

The base is typical for this series with a big logo from the films and a smaller Clone Wars logo beneath it. While it would be nice to see a second color added to the base to bring out the detail, odds are it's best to leave it as is so the paint doesn't come off on the figure's feet. These bases are quite nice, and it would be nice to see Hasbro adopt movie logo bases for the regular Saga line.


Hasbro came up with something new that brings in elements of the old.

This is really spiffy. The coloring is very vibrant, and the packaging has a nice, extra large portrait of the character art on the side of the bubble which is something we really haven't seen since the old days. The Clone Trooper in the top corner reminds us of the POTF2 design, and the Cartoon Network tab is a nice touch. The cardback has some great artwork along with some nifty concept art, as well as a shot of the rest of the line. The bubble extends to the very edges of the cardboard packaging, too, which seems to be something Hasbro is very big on these days. Check out the recent G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom action figures for further examples.

All in all, this package is everything it needed to be, and then some.


Target exclusive. In recent weeks, stores in the Phoenix area have received loads of these, so keep checking around if you're unable to find this or others in the series, unless you're reading this in 2005 or later in which case forget about it.


It's not a bad figure, but it probably won't sell you on the idea of buying another new line of Star Wars figures either. She's a new character and she looks great, but you can tell some paint operations were cut from the figure when you compare her arms to her package art. That doesn't mean she's a bad figure, but you can already tell there was wasted potential there. Still, she's neat, and even though she has no holes in her feet to make the stand serve a purpose, she looks great. So if you like the look of her, get her, but if you want something to play with, pass on this one.

Our sample was obtained from a Phoenix area Target in December 2003.

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