Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars Animated Series)
Released December, 2003
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on December 29, 2003


While not super-articulated, Animated Anakin Skywalker brings a very imaginative design into the third dimension quite well and is one of the first animated style Star Wars figures since 1985.

This figure is packaged with a lightsaber and a base, both of which are new to this series.


Not surprisingly, this figure is a completely new sculpt. No parts were used on previous figures and, so far, it seems no parts are in the process of being re-used later.

It's very cartoonish, and true to the designs of the show, even if not a perfect representation. The figure has a number of sweeping lines that may remind a fan of the animation styling of old, which is a real exciting departure from the movie-styled figures we've seen so much as of late.

Much like the 12" Anakin Skywalker from earlier this year, this figure has a head that looks good or bad depending on the lighting conditions. Here, he doesn't look all that spiffy, but if properly illuminated he can look pretty great. As such, the location in which you display it is everything.

The figure is slightly taller than his movie-esque counterpart, but isn't nearly as posable. Animated Anakin has a joint at each shoulder, the neck, the waist, and where the droid arm meets the robes. His movement is limited, but given the nature of these figures and the intended audience (which was interpreted by me from the limited availability of these figures), odds are it was done exactly right. The figure's sculpt is king here, additional articulation would ruin the clean lines of the sculpt and the end result would be a less-than-stellar looking figure.

There isn't much in the way of detail in the sculpt, but the paint job is so simple, it's perfect. The paint lines are mostly very clean, and the end result is a very striking action figure that's more suited to a desk than to a toybox.


This set includes a weapon and a base.

In a bit of a surprise, the lightsaber is a brand new sculpt that is one of the better accessories we've seen this year. The little energy discharge near the bottom is quite striking, and the clean panel lines of the metal hilt look a lot sharper than many of the movie line's weapons. The blade isn't removable, but it looks so good you're probably not going to want to futz with it too much anyway.

The base is typical for this series with a big logo from the films and a smaller Clone Wars logo beneath it. While it would be nice to see a second color added to the base to bring out the detail, odds are it's best to leave it as is so the paint doesn't come off on the figure's feet. These bases are quite nice, and it would be nice to see Hasbro adopt movie logo bases for the regular Saga line.


Hasbro came up with something new that brings in elements of the old.

This is really spiffy. The coloring is very vibrant, and the packaging has a nice, extra large portrait of the character art on the side of the bubble which is something we really haven't seen since the old days. The Clone Trooper in the top corner reminds us of the POTF2 design, and the Cartoon Network tab is a nice touch. The cardback has some great artwork along with some nifty concept art, as well as a shot of the rest of the line. The bubble extends to the very edges of the cardboard packaging, too, which seems to be something Hasbro is very big on these days. Check out the recent G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom action figures for further examples.

All in all, this package is everything it needed to be, and then some.


Target exclusive. As such, happy hunting.


Yowza. You wanted toon figures, you got 'em. Anakin is a great figure, if a little stylized for some fans' tastes. It looks great, but at $6.99 at US stores, it should. The figure certainly doesn't look any more expensive than a basic figure, but it does look really great. If you need a subset to collect, this is a great way to "collect them all" without ending up with 500 plastic men. For what it is, it's great, and is well worth tracking down.

Our sample was obtained from a Phoenix area Target in December 2003.

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