Clone Trooper (Shock Trooper, Quick-Draw Attack)
Released April 2005
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on November 16, 2005


The easiest way to get love from the collectors is a good troop builder-- but the easiest way to tick them off is to make it hard to get. This one qualifies in both areas. The Shock Trooper is actually just a variation of the existing Quick-Draw Attack Clone Trooper, and most fans haven't had the fortune of seeing one in the wilds of the stores. The packaging is unchanged,


They're the legion that serves the Emperor personally, and they helped get Darth Vader out of the lava and onto the fast track to becoming a walking iron lung.

If you have the original quick-drawn clone and color doesn't matter to you, or you're good with paint, odds are this isn't a figure that should get you too excited. For the clone freaks, of which I am one, this is a gift from above. Hasbro should have made it a new separate carded figure and not a mere variant, as it's difficult to troop build-- but the important thing for you to know is that it looks awesome and you should indeed be complaining a blue streak if you don't have one or six. (I have two. I'd like more, but obviously, not necessarily doable.)

He's a nicely posable figure. You can find ball joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, ankles, and knees. Traditional joints are at the wrists and hips. Short of a total lack of midsection articulation, he's as good as you can expect. If you squeeze in his leg, his arm pops up in a quick-draw action. But here's the kicker-- you can move his arm just fine and the mechanism barely interrupts it. While I'd like a feature-free figure down the road, if they just repainted this one to death, that'd be fine too.

This figure is all about deco. If you don't care about the red markings, first, you're not someone who probably likes toys. But we really do dig this figure, the red markings are pretty slick, and we hope to see more and better versions of this figure in the future. Accessories

This set includes two firearms and two interchangeable shoulder armor chunks. Sure it has a name, and no, I don't know what it is.

The guns are the same as the basic figure, but the shoulder armor is molded in red and different for this release. Nothing too fancy, but hey, it's nice to have options.


New for 2005: the flaming head of Darth Vader.

This is a very ornate package. But it's one you've seen and are no doubt sick of. The packaging is unchanged from the previous release, so yeah, there ya go. There's no reason this couldn't have been a new figure, but hey, whatever floats Hasbro's boat-- Clones are better than no Clones.


He started shipping a few months back, but many fans (myself included) have yet to see them in the wild. He may or may not be shipping, depending on which cases a store gets-- older cases are still trickling out, but it isn't shipping heavily in any of them.


It's a Clone. Just buy six and get it over with, as you need these to deck out Mustafar so you can have them look at Anakin next to the lava pit. We love this figure, and can't wait for a "damaged" redeco at some point. Top notch work, Hasbro, but why must you punish us by making it so damn hard to find? We have money, wouldn't you like some of it?

Our review sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in 2005.

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