Clone Trooper (Quick-Draw Attack)
Released April 2005
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on March 23, 2005


The easiest way to get love from the collectors is a good troop builder. Has Hasbro struck gold again? Pretty much. The new Clone Trooper from Revenge of the Sith brings a level of articulation very close to the legendary Clone Wars version from the end of 2003, minus any waist articulation and with an added "quick draw" feature that's surprisingly unobstrusive. It's recommended.

The test tube spawn includes two firearms and two interchangeable pieces of shoulder armor that allow him to look more (or less) Imperial.


While packaged in a bizarre manner that has the shoulder armor off to the side, it's done in a way that doesn't mask the fact that what you're getting is a real rarity-- Hasbro doing a troop builder more or less right the first time.

As this is an upgraded Clone Trooper in the movie, it only makes sense that the toy also looks and feels like one to some extent. The armor is a good cross between the Stormtroopers of the Trilogy with the Clone Troopers of Attack of the Clones in more ways than one-- but it's still pretty distinctive on its own. The helmet synthesizes elements from the aforementioned white-clad shocktroopers of death nicely, making this a painfully obvious evolutionary step between the two. There's not a lot you can do with white armor on a black jumpsuit, and this particular release seems to manage to be different without being, well, different. The basic design is such a classic now that any major deviation from it would be a shock to the system, so the fact that this isn't a HUGE diversion is a good thing.

Most figures derive their personalities from their faces or poses, and when your face is plastic in more was than one it's important for it to be accurate-- and it is. One thing that's notable from this image is that he has big ball shoulder joints and could give Samus Aran a run for her money-- still, it works for the figure because the joints are awkward for a reason. And that reason is to give you fantastic articulation.

He's a nicely posable figure. You can find ball joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, ankles, and knees. Traditional joints are at the wrists and hips. Short of a total lack of midsection articulation, he's as good as you can expect. If you squeeze in his leg, his arm pops up in a quick-draw action. But here's the kicker-- you can move his arm just fine and the mechanism barely interrupts it. While I'd like a feature-free figure down the road, if they just repainted this one to death, that'd be fine too.


This set includes two firearms and two interchangeable shoulder armor chunks. Sure it has a name, and no, I don't know what it is.

The guns are really nothing new, but the fact that you get two of them is nice-- you can use them to arm your ARC Troopers or start an armory. They're very similar to those used for the past three years, and the pieces of shoulder armor pop right in using pegs. It's a slightly awkward fit but given the existing shape of the shoulders, it really doesn't stand out as being freakish.


New for 2005: the flaming head of Darth Vader.

This is a very ornate package. Despite being somewhat generic across the line, there are numerous layers at work here-- there are two cardboard inserts in the front, a plastic tray, and stickers all over to make this really stand out. The end result is a busy, flaming design you just can't ignore. It isn't as gee-whiz or gosh-golly cool as the packaging used for the Original Trilogy Collection but it looks like the most expensive cardback Hasbro has done to date and the new egglike bubble is a huge departure from the previous two decades and change of product from Kenner and Hasbro. The bubble is much like that of the G.I. Joe figures (two- and three-packs) from 2003-2005 in that the bubble wraps the card, hugging it, where it is taped in the back. This allows you to remove a figure a little more easily, although the folks at Hasbro secured it in more places so you'll probably rip most of these getting the figures out.


As of today, this figure is just becoming available in the USA-- depending on where you shop. It should be everywhere on April 2, 2005.


It's a Clone. Just buy six and get it over with, I'm going to and you will too.

Our review sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in 2005.

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