Senator Yarua (Corsucant Senate)
Released September 2005
Reviewed by Adam Pawlus
Photography by Michael Sullenger
Reviewed on October 27, 2004


The Fan's Choice figures offered through the Power of the Jedi and Saga collections lead to a ton of great figures being made, and a ton of great figures that weren't elected to the line-- but thankfully Hasbro realized they were all good choices and made a few more of them, like the great Senator from Kashyyyk, Senator Yarua.

The first-ever carded Wookiee that isn't Chewbacca includes a bandolier and a base.


Legend has it that a lot of figures were pretty much conpletely conceptualized around the middle of 2000 for what would've been the continuation of the Episode I line which, as you all know, transformed into Power of the Jedi. These figures were either released or shelved, and if you believe the stories, Yarua was one of those shelved-- until now!

While this is a brand new figure, it doesn't necessarily look like it in some respects. It's really hard to tell if the design was unchanged from some unreleased 2000 figure because some elements are undeniably old, while others are a little more recent.

The head of the good senator is sculped incredibly well and is undeniably one of the finest Wookiees to come out of Hasbro. However, the paint job can't be lauded as much. A lot of the figures have eyes looking in all sorts of odd directions, or are even cross-eyed. The patches of white fur on the head look like they were slapped on by a brush at the last minute and might be the result of a milk spill rather than integrating as patches of white or greying fur as one might hope. The teeth are excellent, though, as are the nose and the interior of the mouth. Good work there.

The construction of Yarua doesn't lend him to a lot of joints, but then again, Hasbro can get a lot of joints on a big furry figure if they wanted to. The articulation is about what you might expect from a figure three or four years ago with the standard six points plus swivels at the biceps, which is neat as it allows him to express outrage at legislative proceedings or to strangle other action figures. And either way, that's what we want out of our Wookiees.

The overall sculpt and fur is great, and the paint job on the body is good, but not necessarily great. There's a lot of shaggy hair and the coloring and sculpting on the claws and the interior of the hands is far better than I would have expected. There's nto a whole lot for this figure to do, but he can sit if you want him to-- and for a figure that only stood around for about two seconds on screen, that's more than I could hope for.


This set includes the traditional stand and a bandolier.

The base is nothing new-- but it is welcome. This figure can stand just fine all by his lonesome, which means the base is just gravy.

On the other hand, the bandolier looks and feels cheap with a decent sculpt and an odd choice of too-bright orange/brown that will go out of its way to remind you that this is a $5 toy and not an item of quality. I thought a darker brown or a tan would be great, until I remembered that Yarua's bandolier is actually a grey/silver color in most publicity photos (packaging included). So, this was a bit of a misfire on Hasbro's part.


Since Hasbro decided to stick with what worked, we're getting more OTC-esque cardbacks. Hooray! It won't last so enjoy it while it does.

There's a lot to the packaging, surprisingly. The double-border is just like the original Kenner packaging, and the black background is also very similar to the old toys. Since it's a prequel figure, the OTC logo has been dropped but the remaining design elements have remained in place. Which is a good thing.

The background of a Senate pod is pretty slick and shows just how much great photography exists of the Star Wars Universe that we just don't get to see very much. Sure, it looks like an intergalactic bus bench, but isn't that just as cool as seeing some sort of sofa?

The nameplate for the figures is a sticker, and the plastic bubble is grooved so it fits snuggly in place and won't be off-center. Customizers will probably have a field day with this packaging, as there are a lot of generic elements you can easily change out andcreate a package that's very specific to your tastes.


As of today, this figure is just becoming available in the USA. Happy hunting!


While I've been looking forward to this figure for years, most of you haven't been. When I saw the flashback photo Chewbacca figure from late 1998, I assumed that this figure was just around the corner. And now, six years later, here he is-- and he looks about as good as he would have had he came out in 1999. If Hasbro ever does a prequel Original Trilogy Collection style line with repaints and repackaged figures, Yarua could really use a new deco job to make him all he could be.

That said, it's still a new Wookiee figure and that alone should have you thinking about buying one. It's not as accurate to the costume as many would like, but it's a neat toy in and of itself-- and as such, worth the five bucks.

Our review sample was obtained from Entertainment Earth in October 2004.

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